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Liposuction Recovery: Timeline, Tips, and More

Liposuction Recovery Timeline Tips and More Enfield Royal Clinic

Liposuction Recovery: Timeline, Tips, and More

Liposuction in Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular treatments these dabe1e2ys. It is ranked as the second procedure for which a lot of people are opting. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that around 2 lac 50,000 American people went for the treatment in 2018. This means that the procedure is really an effective one. Everything is right but as it is a surgical procedure you need a proper recovery time. But how do take care? Know this by Liposuction Recovery: Timeline, tips, and More by this blog!

Quick Facts:

  • Recovery Time: upto 6 weeks 
  • Procedure Type: minimally invasive 
  • Procedure Time: 1 to 2 hours
  • Side Effects: no side effects

Liposuction Timeline: 

  • Before the process, you need to stop smoking and avoid consuming alcohol as it can delay your recovery. 
  • When you are done with the operation you may feel like you are tired and your body may feel swollen, also the effect of anesthesia may be there but all these effects will fade away within 24 hours

On Day 1:

The patient needs to take medicines whenever they feel pain or soreness. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are used to treat inflammation and swelling. Some ice packs are also used to give a cooling effect.

First Week:

When it’s your first week you should take it easy. Do not take part in sports activities or horse riding. You will feel pain and swelling but these will get improve with time. The bandages which are there will soon be removed. 

Do not apply pressure on the treated area and be gentle with yourself. The recovery time for different people is different. So yours can also vary but the estimated recovery time is around a week. 

First Month:

When a month is passed, the person can get back to the normal routine. You can get engaged in activities that cause even an increase in your heartbeat. The outcomes obtained by the patient will become clear in the first month but the final results fluctuate with weight and aging.

Recovery Tips:

Hope that the above-mentioned information has helped you a lot in learning the recovery timeline. Now, here we will provide some tips and tactics that can help you in speeding up rehabilitation. Healing variates in different people, but there are some ways by which we can swift up this process.

Be Patient and Gentle:

After the treatment, in your recovery phase, you should give yourself some time. If you feel that you need some fresh air go for it. Do what your mind says and work accordingly. The mind plays an important role in the body’s recovery. So go with your mind.  

Eat Nutritionary Diet:

Eating healthy is important in a normal routine too. But when done with some surgery and your body is under stress then you should eat food that is rich in nutrition. Do not eat food that is not dietary and is made from less nutritious elements. 

Stay Hydrated:

Try to drink plenty of water so that you stay hydrated because hydration can help in recovery. By this, the infections stay away from the body and boost recovery.

Wear Proper Bandages and Clothes:

When you are done with your treatment you need to wear the garments prescribed by the doctor. This will help in eliminating the side effects.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Consumption:

Do not smoke and avoid alcohol too before and after the procedure as it can make your blood thin or can make your skin dry as well so try not to do these. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for the doctor and patient too to tackle the consequences.

Do not Soak in a Bath:

It’s better not to take a bath after the treatment. The small incisions that are made in the body can get infected. 

Side Effects of Liposuction:

The treatment is so beneficial but causes some side effects for a week or more. Such risks that are related to the procedure are the ones present below:

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