Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain
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Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Abu Dhabi

Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Abu dhabi

Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Abu Dhabi

Dark lips are no longer an issue!

The hyperpigmentation on the lips results in darker and chapped lips. This can make a person conscious with low self-confidence. The skin of the lips is very thin as compared to that of the other parts of the body. The pink color of the lips is caused by the blood vessels that are visible on the lips. The dark color is usually caused when the skin is damaged. To treat dark lips and get rid of them, the candidate can opt for Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Abu Dhabi. Continue reading to know more about the treatment.

Reasons for Dark Lips:

The appearance of dark lips can be due to several reasons. The underlying reason should be diagnosed first to treat the condition. The causes of dark lips can be due to:

  • The genetics
  • Exposure to the high UV rays of the sun
  • Licking and sucking
  • Allergic reactions
  • Caffeine
  • Smoking
  • Lack of moisturizing
  • Poor lip products

What is Laser Treatment for Dark Lips?

A laser device is used to emit high-energy light rays onto the lips. The melanin deposits on the skin of the lips are broken down so that the natural pink color of the lips can appear. Several sessions of the treatment are required to achieve the desired results. a single session only takes a few minutes to carry out. There are two types of laser procedures to treat the condition of dark lips


In this treatment, the outer layer of the skin of the lips is removed so that the inner lighter layer can emerge.


In this method, the inner skin layer of the lips is targeted to stimulate the tissues underneath to produce more collagen thereby healing the skin naturally.


The Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain results in lighter, pinker, soft, and more beautiful lips. The results are long-lasting and often permanent as well. However, in the longer run, the results depend on the aftercare by the recipient. If the conditions that cause dark lips are continued, there are chances of the reappearance of dark lips.

Benefits of the Treatment:

  • It lightens the dark lips
  • It enhances the appearance of a person
  • The lips appear pink and soft
  • The results are long-lasting
  • The treatment may require several sessions but a single session only takes a few minutes
  • The results are guaranteed and effective
  • The confidence and self-esteem of the person increases
  • It makes the lips look beautiful and appealing

Alternative Treatments:

Chemical Peels:

A special type of peel is used on the lips to remove the outer dark layer of the lips. The inner layer of the lips that appears is lighter in color.

Lip Masks:

Different types of lip masks are used to treat the condition of dark lips. The type of lip mask used depends on the current condition of the recipient.


The different kinds of injections are used to make the lips plumper and make them appear soft, glossy, and appealing.


The lips are exfoliated to remove the damaged or pigmented layer of the lips. The types of scrubs used depends on the recipient’s condition and skin type.

Cost of Laser Lip Lightening:

The average treatment cost of laser lip lightening ranges from AED 600 per session. The size of the area being treated, skincare professionals’ expertise, the current condition of the patient, and also their expected results affect the cost of the treatment. The final cost is determined by the dermatologist after a detailed initial consultation and checkup.

Some Important Tips:

  • The lips should be kept hydrated
  • Lip products containing lead should be avoided
  • The person should not bite or lick their lips
  • The skin should be protected from the high UV rays of the sun
  • Good quality lip balms should be used to nourish the lips
  • The use of lip care products that contain vitamin E
  • The skin of the lips should be weekly exfoliated
  • Use of lip balms with a minimum of 30 SPF

Why Choose the Royal Clinic?

The Enfield Royal Clinic is one of the best cosmetic clinics not only in Abu Dhabi but around the globe. People visit the clinic from all around the world to meet their aesthetic needs. The Surgeons and dermatologists at the clinic are highly qualified and experienced professionals that offer the most effective treatments. Safety of the clients is our number one priority thereby the clinic’s environment is kept clean and hygienic. We treat all our clients and patients equally with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve. If you are looking for the best option in price and quality, visit our clinic!


Learn more about the Laser Treatment for Dark Lips in Abu Dhabi by contacting our experts. 

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