How Ozempic injections work for Weight loss in UAE

How Ozempic injections Work for Weight loss in UAE

How Ozempic injections Work for Weight loss in UAE

How Ozempic injections Work for Weight loss in UAE

To get a safe weight loss therapy you must go for the Ozempic Treatment in Abu Dhabi. These injectables cause a person to feel full after consuming a little. The treatment is FDA-certified and a lot of people go for it. The fats in the body can make a person feel embarrassed and less confident. When a person receives the procedure, it helps them a lot in gaining confidence. This way the physical and mental health of a person improves. People who have sugar level disorders can also get benefit from the treatment.

Quick Facts:

  • Treatment type: non-invasive 
  • Cost: 3999 to 4999
  • Results Last: long-terms 
  • Side Effects: no side effects
  • Downtime: Zero 

What are the Ozempic Injections?

This is a treatment for weight loss that is FDA-approved. The doctors do not provide the doses of the injections at once instead a calculated amount is given from time to time. When the procedure is initiated the dose is around 0.25mg and then, it starts increasing in accordance with the needs of the patient. The injectables contain the ozempic in them which acts as GLP-1 hormones and tackles the appetite of a person. When the candidate eats he/she feels full even with the small quantity.


The outcome of the Ozempic injection for weight loss is a 5% to 10% loss in weight. At the start of the process, the effects start getting visible. The experts perform the procedure with accuracy so receiving the cure from a professional will provide you the desired results.


The benefits that can be gained from the process are the ones:

  • The insulin appearance in the blood is boosted
  • It reduces the sugar level in the liver
  • The patient does not require further weight loss processes after getting this treatment
  • The emptiness of the abdomen is done
  • Problems related to diabetes are also sorted out by the process

Perfect Nominee:

The candidacy criteria for the individuals who should get the treatment is:

  • Individuals who have diabetes most commonly the type 2 diabetes
  • If you desire to eliminate the weight & have a normal weight
  • Candidates who have a BMI of more than 30
  • You desire to get a non-surgical treatment
  • Individuals who are over 18 years

How Ozempic Injections Work for Weight Loss?

Ozempic injection works on the phenomena of a hormone that is responsible for providing a sensation of fullness to the body. By the working of this hormone, the person senses fulfillment in the tummy area even after eating in small portions. Basically, it slows down the metabolism and the stomach stays full for a long time. The stomach does not get empty frequently and the food remains there. Also, the secretion of insulin and glucagon is also controlled by these injections. So the process is also helpful for the increased sugar.

The risks for chronic diseases like heart attacks and high BP are reduced by this cure. You will not get any long-term side effects when receive the treatment. People who get the procedure reduce their weight by up to 80%. The measurements for the injections fluctuate for different people and this way it protects an individual from risks.

How the Application is Done?

These injections are directly inserted in the abdomen and the stomach area. Also, sometimes in the thighs and the arms in a calculated amount. There are two ways of these injections either through veins or directly in the muscles. This procedure is even effective when applied in a single dose. Usually, these are applied at a 90% angle. The quantity of the injectable is regarding the needs and desires of the patient.


The Ozempic injection Price for weight loss ranges from AED 3999 to AED 4999. This amount is not exact for the patient. The charges fluctuate in each condition depending on the needs of the candidate. The elements that affect the prices are the

  • location of the clinic,
  • the reputation of the clinic,
  • the number of sessions required,
  • quantity of the product used and the number of injections utilized.

When you meet the surgeon he/she will tell you about the required fee.

Get Your Weight Loss Injections with Us!

Receiving your treatment in our weight loss clinic in Abu Dhabi, Enfield Royal Clinic will give you many advantages like affordable prices, a comfortable environment, friendly doctors, and the desired outcomes. We not only provide treatments but also the pre and post-care instructions. If you really want to know How Ozempic injections work for Weight loss in UAE then you need to complete the form that is present below. We will help you get these procedures in a secure and efficient way.

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