How Much Do Sexologists Cost in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain
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How Much Do Sexologists Cost?

How Much Do Sexologists Cost

How Much Do Sexologists Cost?

Sexual life is an integral part of a person’s whole life. This is the reason for a couple’s comfort and peace. Having problems in your sexual life can affect you mentally and you feel underconfident because of this. There can be different sexual problems from which a person goes but all these can be treated when you visit an expert sexologist. How Much Do Sexologists Cost depends on different factors which are discussed in the blog written below. Having sex increases the bond strength and makes you feel happier and more satisfied. So solve your sexual issues today by visiting our best sexologist in Enfield Royal Clinic.

Quick Facts:

  • Cost: Starts  from 1000 AED
  • Results: Too much effective
  • Back to work: Immediately after consultation
  • Duration of Treatment: Depends
  • Type of Procedure: Varies according to patient health

What Does a Sexologist Do? 

A sexologist helps in treating sexual problems in couples. The problems with intercourse and sexual activities are discussed with the sexologist who assists people according to their specific condition and problem. Sexologists do not do surgeries and non-surgical methods for the treatment instead they help the patients with counseling. For counseling, the doctor gives medicine, therapies, and talks. By this, the doctors solve the libido, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation issues. 

When to Consult a Sexologist?

  • Men and women who have sexual issues in their relationship need to contact a sexologist. You are working and trying to be pleasureful in your bed but facing problems in that. Then here your sexologist can help you. 
  • When you are not happy in your sexual life and your partner also wants to enhance the pleasure. 
  • If  your sex is painful and uncomfortable with problems of attraction
  • When you are having difficulty getting orgasms
  • Men with ejaculatory problems 
  • When you are not able to satisfy your partner

How Much Do Sexologists Cost?

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the average cost of consulting a psychologist starts from 1000 AED. The final cost will be determined after a meeting according to the condition of the patient and the chosen treatment plan.

Factors affecting the cost:

The price which your sexologist can demand depends on different factors and these are the ones present below:

  • The period of the session:

How long your session decides the cost you have to pay to the sexologist. The average period for the session is around 5o minutes or a little more. But sometimes, this period gets longer depending on the condition of the patient so the patient has to pay accordingly. 

  • Level of Expertise:

The level of skills and expertise that a sexologist has decides the cost of the treatment. Sexologists who are more skilled and have more practice will cost you more. 

  • Location of the Clinic:

The site at which the doctor is present determines the price of the treatment. Some clinics that are located in less developed areas will cause less expense while clinics located in expensive areas will have more expenses so the overall cost of the treatment increases. 

  • Skills of the Doctor:

The expertise and skills of the doctor play an important role in the determination of the sexologist’s cost. A sexologist who is more reputed and more skilled will demand a higher price. 

  • Extent of the Problem:

The condition of the patient and the problem play a crucial role in the fee process. Some patients have sexual issues that need time to get sorted while the patient who has fewer problem need less time so the fee will be decided accordingly. 

Why Choose us?

Our sexologists in Enfiled Royal Clinic are professional and carrying out the process for years, which is why they know how to tackle sensitive cases and handle counseling. Your discussion with the doctor is kept private and you will be advised in a friendly way. To have a consultation with a sexologist in Enfield complete the form that is present below.


Sexologist therapy for couples can help improve communication, foster a deeper understanding of each partner's desires and boundaries,

Confidentiality is the main aim of our therapy. Practitioners adhere to strict professional standards to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of client information. 

Yes, online sessions can be effective for seeking help, offering convenience and accessibility for individuals who may face barriers to in-person therapy.

Therapy is a valuable tool for managing problems, but its effectiveness may be enhanced d with other supportive resources, strategies, or lifestyle changes.

Clinical psychologist takes a broader  approach to sexual health whereas a sex therapist typically focuses on psychological and relational aspects.

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