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How Long Does a Non-surgical Nose Job Last?

How-long-does-a-Non surgical nose job Last in Abu Dhabi Al Ain

How Long Does a Non-surgical Nose Job Last?

Beauty standards have been raised in recent times and everyone wants to look perfect with an attractive face. The nose is the main part of the face and plays a role in determining the face look. A nose job has made it easier for people to get a proper shape nose just by injections and fillers. More and more people are opting for the treatment because its non-surgical and non-invasive. A safe procedure!

Nasal Job or Rhinoplasty:

A  process called a liquid nasal job is used to amend the nose and reduce the bulges. People who do not want to undergo surgical treatments and are scared of the final and permanent results go for this treatment. This procedure uses dermal fillers and inserts them into the nose with syringes. Although, the outcomes are for a short period but are satisfactory. 

Consequences of the Treatment:

  • Plain smooth nose
  • No bump
  • Decreased nasal tip
  • Resolved breathing issues
  • A balance will be attained between all facial part

Difference Between Non-Surgical & Surgical Rhinoplasty:

Liquid rhinoplasty operates when patients desire to have little changes in their nose shape. This treatment takes only minutes for its completion and the patient can do routine work even on that day while for surgical treatment the patient may feel some pain. This procedure is usually done when the candidate is suffering from any breathing issues and also wants to enhance the nose look. This process will take hours to complete.

Why Choose Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

If someone is searching for an option to treat nasal problems like bumps on the nose, long nasal tips, and a slightly curvy nose they will find two treatments surgical and non-surgical. If your doctor advises that your nose can be treated non-surgically then you should opt for this option. As there will be no incisions and long operations instead there will be only dermal filling that will give you a completely new and aesthetic look.

Extra Preparation is not Needed Before Treatment:

Like other treatments which involve long preparation and precautions before the treatment. This treatment does not need breaks between the treatment and preparatory phase. Similarly, the recovery rate for this procedure is also really fast and the patient can heal within a day.

Possible Risks:

Although it is a less risky treatment we cannot say that it is completely riskless. But the risk can be reduced by choosing the right clinic and doctors. When this treatment starts usually anesthesia is given to the patient which may cause :

  • Dizziness
  • Unconsiousness
  • Bad feeling
  • Irritation

With this non-surgical nose job, the risk for severe side effects is minimal as there is only filling through injections and there is no opening and stitching involved.

Are Non-Surgical Nasal Jobs Long-lasting?

Like other surgical treatments related to the nose. This treatment doesn’t give permanent outcomes rather the effects of the treatment will stay for a year or two and then you can go undergo another one if you want.

How long does a Non-surgical Nose Job Last?

Choosing this treatment raise question in mind such as, after the procedure How long does a Non-surgical nose job Last in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain? Don’t waste your energy thinking more about this. Here, we’ll guide you on this. 

The nose job lasts for 9-18 months and if you don’t like the shape of your nose you can alter the shape after the mentioned time. This gives you freedom and makes you feel relaxed while going for this treatment.

Why Prefer us?

Enfield Royal Clinic is popular for its mesmerizing results. Everyone get satisfied by our treatments as we make sure we are giving are full efforts and handle all the procedures according to its nature. We have our clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi so people can get benefited from both. Our patients give reviews which make us proud. We always try to bring new techniques with less harm and side effects for the security of our patient by using technology.


For further information regarding non-surgical nose job contact our clinic and get to know about How long does a Non-surgical nose job Last?

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