Skin Glowing Cost in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | Cost and Benefits

Skin Glowing Cost in Abu Dhabi

Glutathione Injection Cost in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Cost and Benefits

Skin Glowing Cost in Abu Dhabi

Skin Whitening injections are a very efficient way to obtain fairer, more radiant skin. These have a mixture of glutathione and various other skin-whitening ingredients in the solution they contain. Visit our clinic for the best and most reasonable Skin Glowing Cost in Abu Dhabi. Learn more in the blog below about the price and its determining factors.

What are the Skin Glowing injections?

The injections are used to address several things. These are also used for dark spots, scars, and wrinkles, and also to enhance skin tone. The free radicals that could cause cell harm are shielded from the cells due to the injections. In addition to this, glutathione regulates the immune system and aids in the digestion of foods, enzyme activation, protein synthesis, DNA repair, and protein synthesis. It is particularly effective when injected into the bloodstream since the body uses and absorbs all of it.


The technique results in the body cells and tissues being repaired and having its immune system strengthened. Additionally, it works well to lessen the look of wrinkles, acne scars, and dark spots. Before the results are apparent, there is a waiting period of around three weeks. The injections may take two to three months to provide noticeable results when used to lighten skin.


  • Injections can be given in a matter of minutes.
  • The immune system is known to be strengthened by it.
  • Damage to the liver can be treated with it successfully as well.
  • The injections’ antioxidants have an energizing effect.
  • Compared to skin-lightening creams, it is far more effective.
  • It improves the candidate’s looks by helping them feel and look better.
  • The injections cause the body to recover and regenerate.
  • It successfully eliminates wrinkles and acne patches while treating melanosis.
  • In contrast to oral intake, the body is likely to absorb the injections more efficiently.

How is it Done?

The administration of injections is pretty simple like the administration of any other injection. The site of injection can either be on the arm or the buttocks. The amount of solution to be injected is decided by the doctor after thoroughly examining the individual’s current condition.

The skin is first cleaned and disinfected with a sanitizing solution. And then depending on the amount of solution to be injected, the doctor decides on the syringe to be used.

The doctor then carefully administers the solution into the muscle in either the arm or buttocks depending on their preference. As this goes directly into the bloodstream, the body can absorb it effectively.

The cost of Treatment:

The average Skin Glowing Cost in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain ranges from AED 500 to AED 1500. Various factors affect the total expense of the solution that is decided by the dermatologist after considering all the factors.

Number of Injections

The number of injections required to achieve the desired results for the individual is the most important factor affecting the cost. This is because a greater number of injections mean more solution is used, thereby increasing the overall cost.

The Expertise of the Skincare Professional:

A more specialized and experienced professional would charge accordingly as compared to a doctor with less experience.

The Location of the Clinic:

The area where the clinic is located affects how much they charge for the services they offer as every area has different rates.

Type of Injections Used:

The type and concentration of the injections used also affects the cost as a more concentrated solution would mean a higher cost.

Number of Sessions Required:

The treatment cannot be carried out in a single session and several sessions are required to get the results you desire. Fewer sessions would mean a lower cost of the treatment and vice versa.

The Expected Results:

The desired results affect the amount of solution to be used, the sessions required and the type of injection to be used which all affects the cost of the treatment.

Level of the Clinic:

The clinical level where the treatment is carried out affects the cost as the clinic with higher level charges more for the treatments.

Why Choose us?

The Enfield Royal clinic is one of the few facilities that provide the most cost-effective whitening injections. The clinic offers a variety of financing solutions, such as installment plans, to assist patients to pay for their treatment while also managing their expenses. We also give discounts on several procedures. The Clinic employs the best dermatologists and surgeons in Abu Dhabi who are highly trained, skilled, and experienced. We maintain a clinic atmosphere that is hygienic and appropriate for procedures and treatments. The clinic’s well-trained personnel make sure that patients feel at ease and comfortable throughout treatments.


Contact us to learn more about the Skin Glowing Cost in Abu Dhabi and the financing options offered at the clinic.

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