Revolutionizing Medicine | Exploring the Power of G Cell Treatment

Exploring The Power of G Cell Treatment

Exploring The Power of G Cell Treatment

Exploring The Power of G Cell Treatment

Are you done with the hair loss and want to say bye to this for permanent but with a quick and accurate procedure? Then why not go for this exceptional innovative G cell technique? This is actually a specialized device that helps with the processing of hair and gives an opportunity for a faster and more accurate procedure. Doctors go for this method as others are time-consuming and old techniques. The stem cells from the scalp are isolated and the process goes on. Do get yours at the Enfield Royal Clinic and have the look you want. 

What is G Cell?

G cell is a device that is for the processing of adipose stem cells in a modern way not like the traditional ways. The hype for the device is because of various reasons like the unit size and the quick results. The tool is perfect for practitioners performing regenerative medicine. The process not only reduces the time for the process but the destruction and manipulation of the laws do not happen. 


The process reduces hair loss and induces the growth of already present hair follicles. It restores the dermal follicles and allows the skin to rise to the surface. When the device is applied not only the site is healed but the scars and acne also remove. 

How Does the Procedure Work?

The fat from different parts of the body is homogenized and cut into small proteins, growth factors, and other elements with the help of blades and filters. Through the process called photoactivation, the vascular cells are eliminated. During the procedure, the doctors collect the cells from the scalp of the patient and then inject them into the treated area which results in an increase in the number of progenitor cells. 


There are many benefits of getting this G Cell treatment in Abu Dhabi these are written below;

  • It protects the scalp and prevents the loss of hair 
  • Cause the thickening of the weekend and long hair 
  • It will help individuals to have a dense hair 
  • Helps in the activation of the inactivated hair cells 
  • It will increase the success rate of hair transplantation 
  • The process is 100% chemical free 
  • The tissues stay viable and sterile as they remain unexposed to the environment 


First of all the doctor will do a biopsy of 10-15ml of adipose tissues. Then these tissues are inserted into the isolation kit of the GCell. After that, the machine works on the chosen setting. These cells are passed through different processes including the grinding, centrifugation, and the filtering process. 

These cells are then photoactivated which enables the human body to function more quickly. The prepared sample is then injected into the area where the regeneration will be done. 

How Long Does the Process Takes?

The entire process for the method takes around 40 minutes. The sample of the tissues is taken from the hairy side and then placed into the kit in which the G cell will be processed then. After that, the processed cells are injected into the treatment area. The step will take less than an hour. The individuals can return to normal activities after the process. 


The cost for G Cell Treatment in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 1500 to AED 5000. The cost depends on various factors like the complexity of the procedure, the reputation of the clinic, and the type of procedure. Your doctor will tell you the final cost of your consultation. 

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