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Dr. Nagham Mohammed Karagholli

Dr. Nagham Mohammed Karagholli

General (Practitioner and Surgeon)

dr nagham

Years of
Experience 9+

English, Arabic, German.

Doctor's Bio

Dr. Nagham Mohammed Karagholli is an esteemed General Practitioner and General Surgeon with an impressive nine years of clinical experience. Dr. Karagholli’s dedication to patient care, coupled with her exceptional qualifications, makes her a trusted medical professional you can rely on


  • General Surgeon
  • Laparoscopic GI
  • Advanced Hemorrhoids Treatment
  • Weight Loss Surgeries
  • Patient Relationship Management
  • Physician Collaboration

Awards, Publications, and Advanced Training:

Dr. Karagholli’s pursuit of excellence extends beyond her academic achievements. She completed the prestigious Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery (D.MAS) from the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons in 2014.

Her dedication to innovation led her to attend a Hands-On course in Minimal Access Surgery from the World Association of Minimal Access Surgeons in the same year. Moreover, she honed her skills further by participating in a Hands-On Course on Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hemorrhoids and Fecal Incontinence.

Other Career Highlights

  • One of the 7 Doctors (Educational TV Show) between 2014 & 2016
  • Delivered a weekly Medical Segment via live PPT. Presentations on Roya TV between 2019 & 2021
  • Member of the Middle East TikTok Doctors group with a considerable number of social media followers
  • Involved in assisting charitable organizations with the care of the indulgent

Career Record:

Her actual experience began in 2007 when she was a surgical transitional year resident at the King Hussein Cancer Centre and an intern at Jordan Hospital. She later joined the Specialty Hospital as a surgery resident, where I have participated in patient diagnosis and consultation.

After that, Dr. Karagholi completed her diploma in minimal access surgery in India in 2014, where she was exposed to extensive hands-on training. Since then, she has gathered the experiences that have formed the basis of her professional life. She then received a promotion to a general surgeon at the speciality hospital, where she worked closely with doctors to perform a large number of general surgeries.

She then joined the Istishari Hospital, where she has been doing surgeries in many specialities. Within a few years, she had operated on hundreds of intragastric balloons and had earned the coveted “Centre of Excellence” designation from Allurion.

Languages for Effective Communication:

Dr. Karagholli understands the importance of effective communication in healthcare, making it easier for her to connect with patients from diverse backgrounds and provide them with the best possible care. She is fluent in:

  • English.
  • Arabic.
  • German.

A Decade of Dedication:

With over nine years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Karagholli has touched the lives of many patients, providing them with compassionate care, advanced treatments, and a path to recovery. Her commitment to continuous learning ensures that her patients receive the latest advancements in medical science.

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