Celebrity Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain | Price & Cost
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Celebrity Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Celebrity Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Price Cost

Celebrity Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Just like any other person, celebrities are not immune to the hair loss problem. With all eyes on them, they are under pressure to maintain their appearance and look perfect at all times. Many of them have adopted the Celebrity Hair Transplants in an attempt to look their best. The success rates of these transplants are very high as can be seen by their flawless hairstyles. Continue reading to know all about it.

What is Hair Transplant?

Among the most popular cosmetic treatments for improving the appearance and style of your head and hair is a hair transplant.

It is the term of a surgical procedure in which the patient’s high-density hair is moved to a low-density region of the scalp. There are several ways to accomplish this, including the various hair transplantation techniques that professionals recommend.

What are the Techniques Used?


For this procedure, the hair on the sides of the head is shaved off. The surgeon next removes individual follicles from the scalp skin. Each follicle will bear a little mark on its extraction site. The doctor next creates a series of small holes where hair is required, inserting hair follicles in them. The wound site is then covered with bandages or linen.


With a knife, the surgeon removes a piece of the scalp during a follicular unit transplant, often from the sides of the head. The excised patch might extend from one ear to the other, but it usually measures 6 to 10 inches long. To close the wound, sutures are utilized.

The removed area of the scalp is then divided into tiny pieces by the surgeon and his assistants using a knife. The doctor will next transplant hair into tiny holes he or she has created on the treated region using a scalpel or knife.


This very sophisticated process extracts single hair follicles from the donor region and transplants them into the treated area using specialized gear. Compared to the other two manual approaches, which have a risk of human mistakes, this method is far more precise. To produce outcomes that appear natural, artificial intelligence is utilized.

Celebrities with Hair Transplant:

Read about the Celebrity Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain below

Salman Khan:

Salman Khan started losing his hair in 2002. The actor endured a failed hair transplant treatment in India if rumors are to be believed. Salman had his hair trimmed off as a result in 2003. Later, in 2007, he traveled to Dubai, where an American surgeon carried out the hair transplant procedure.

Sanjay Dutt:

Another famous person who sought therapy in Dubai was Sanjay Dutt. He had FUT hair transplantation, which produced amazing results but is famous for leaving scars, which is precisely what happened to him. Several of his movies feature his scar.

David Beckham:

The renowned footballer for Manchester United has always been regarded as a man with a great hairstyle. However, he was seen on camera a few years ago walking to the store without a hat and with less hair than in the pictures. David reportedly had a hair transplant in 2018, but because of quarantine restrictions, he was forced to stop visiting doctors regularly, and his hair continued to fall out because it was in his genetic makeup.

Sean Penn:

Sean Penn’s brow appeared abnormally large and he seemed much older than his age due to the significant hair loss in his hairline. With a much deeper hairline, his hair change was truly a work of art by an experienced surgeon that still looks amazing now.

Aditya Pancholi:

He is a well-known producer in addition to an actor. He is also well-known for his singing abilities. He experienced serious hair loss a few years ago, which led to his baldness. At that time, he decided to get a hair transplant from a facility in Dubai, and as a consequence, he underwent an outstanding hair treatment.

Why Choose our Clinic?

Consult the greatest hair experts in Abu Dhabi who are now practicing at Enfield Royal Clinic and have a wide variety of expertise. If you are a fan and are motivated by the appearance of your favorite celebrities who choose to undergo a hair transplant this is the cure for you to get your treatment started. The dermatologists and hair specialists at the clinic are well-known for their professional demeanor and high success rates of the treatments they perform, owing to the utilization of modern techniques and the latest technology that ensures desired results. The Clinic’s skilled team ensures sure patients feel at ease and calm throughout treatments and operations. 


Contact us if you want to get the treatment like Celebrity Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi.

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