Can Dermal Fillers Correct Crooked Nose in Abu Dhabi & UAE
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Can Dermal Fillers Correct Crooked Nose

Can Dermal Fillers Correct Crooked Nose in Abu Dhabi UAE

Can Dermal Fillers Correct Crooked Nose

The nose plays an important part in the symmetry of the face. Having a nose that is crooked or does not go with face symmetry affects your overall aesthetics. This crooked nose can be treated non-surgically by the liquid filling method. Although the treatment received this way gives temporary results but they are according to the desires. With this treatment, you will get a nose that is properly shaped and more defined. If you have the question Can Dermal Fillers Correct Crooked Nose? You can read the blog present below!

What is a Crooked Nose?

When the nose is not in a straight vertical line and shows some sort of curvature. This is termed the crooked nose.  The severity of the crooked nose varies. Some noses are severely asymmetrical while some are barely noticeable. To treat this crooked nose some deep efforts are required. Because these curvatures can affect you aesthetically and can cause some breathing issues too. This is a cosmetic as well as a medical procedure.

There are certain names for crooked noses. These are classified as C-shaped, S-shaped, and I-shaped. 

Causes for Crooked Nose:

  • Well, the reason for a crooked nose can be any. 
  • One of the main causes of such a problem is any sort of injury or trauma.
  •  Sometimes these defects are from birth when the cartilage and tissues of the nose are not normal. 
  • An old surgery that happened in the past also sometimes causes nose deviation from the normal shape. 
  • Infections can cause the issue too.

Can Dermal Fillers Correct Crooked Nose?

Dermal fillers can help you correct the crooked nose that is slightly curved and the results of the injectables will be temporary. You will need to get other dermal fillers after some certain time in order to maintain the results. Different fillers like Restylane and hyaluronic acid are used to treat the problem. This is the perfect treatment for those who do not want to have a surgical procedure. 

The results of the treatment are not for the long term but yes you will attain the desired ones. With this liquid rhinoplasty, the need for surgery gets vanished. The fillers provide the required amount of volume to the nose. 


There are many benefits of the treatment too. These are the ones mentioned here: 

  • The crooked and asymmetrical nose gets properly shaped
  • The nose will be more balanced 
  • Fillers will add a volume to your face
  • The uneven hump on the nose will be resolved
  • Treats the nose default occurred due to previous surgery

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

The ideal candidate for the dermal fillers are the ones who are:

  • Non-smokers
  • Non-alcoholic
  • In good physical and mental health
  • Positive about the consequences of their treatment
  • Not in the favor of the surgical procedure
  • Over 18 years
  • Not allergic 
  • Have a healthy weight

What are the Best Dermal Fillers for Crooked Noses?

There are different fillers present for treating a crooked nose. These are Restylane, Juvederm, and radiesse. These are popular ones and give the result that is desired by the patients. The prices for these dermal fillers are reasonable too. 

Get a Consultation!

Enfield Royal Clinic is providing consultation to all who want to grab the treatment. In your first meeting, you will connect with the most skilled professionals in our clinic and will get to know more about dermal fillers. The quality of injectibles that are in use is all FDA-approved. If you want to know Can Dermal Fillers Correct Crooked Nose? Then contact our team and get the results as per your desire.

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