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Butt Injections Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Butt Injections Abu Dhabi Al Ain Butt Filler Cost

Butt Injections Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Women are more conscious about their looks and personality as they always want to look attractive and be the center of attention. In this, butts play the main role to increase the charm of the body. But not everyone has a proper thick butt naturally. For this reason, our Enfield Royal Clinic has devised special injections to solve the problems by eliminating surgical procedures. This treatment has become the most popular procedure among people due to its effectiveness and aesthetic outcomes. You can understand every detail of it through our blog on Butt Injections Abu Dhabi.

About Treatment:

This treatment work for the enhancement of a flat or formless butt. People who desire to lift up their bum opt for this treatment. This technique is non-surgical and the treatment durability is also short. In this treatment, injections called Sculptra are utilized to amend the butts. This technique uses only fillers to increase butt volume. This treatment can be done easily and the effects will be visible after almost 2 months. 


Bum injections cause an increase and lift in the butt by adding fats. This treatment enhances the appearance of the butt. The results of this procedure are for about eighteen months but they become clearly visible right after the process. Our doctors will treat you right to achieve the perfect results.


This treatment causes the butt increase and bum lifting non-surgically and give you benefits like 

  • No local anesthesia is involved in the treatment
  • There is no surgery 
  • No visible marks
  • Give your wanted round and firm buttocks to look aesthetic
  • Treats with body contouring
  • Fewer risks
  • Increased collagen production

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Before undergoing any treatment you should know about your body type and which procedure will be best for you. For this purpose, our doctors will guide you on whether you are a perfect candidate for the process or not. You are ideal for this treatment if you are 

  • A non-smoker
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Have realistic approach
  • Want thick butt
  • Don not like your bum shape and volume
  • To become confident about your gaze
  • An adult

Preparation Before the Treatment:

Before the procedure you are always advised to follow the mentioned commands:

  • Stop using blood-thinning medicines like aspirin
  • Perform different tests to check the blood functioning or other problems
  • Stop consuming alcohol before the treatment
  • Try to consume plenty of water
  • Avoid taking ibuprofen


To get perfect results of Butt Injections Abu Dhabi our doctors will guide you properly and more than one session will be required to get proper bum shape. To carry out the process, first of all local anesthesia will be given to the patient to make the skin numb to avoid pain sensation. Then after that the area to be treated will be cleaned and  marked,then the injections containing Poly-L-lactic acid & silicone will be inserted into the bum by help of cannula which will increase the butt volume. The procedure will take about 40 minutes for its complete.


After the treatment, the precautions is to take care of the bruises and try not to lift heavy weight, and take care of hygiene to prevent infections. Also avoid sitting for long time span and utilize soft cushions or seatsfor sitting. Stop exercising for almost eight weeks and try wearing pressurized clothing to keep the butt in shape


Recovery time for the procedure is almost negligible as it is a non-surgical treatment and is done through injections so the patient can continue to work as the treatment ends. 

Are There any Drawbacks of Butt Uplift?

The effects related to the treatment are minimal and have almost no bad effects.

  • Irritation
  • Redness


The cost of the treatment depends on different factors relying on as the site of the clinic, the standard of the clinic and treatments, the experience of the doctor, the session required to treat a particular person, condition of the patient. Also, the demand of the doctor will decide on the exact cost although the average price for Butt Injections for a 10ml filler is AED 1950.

Why People are Choosing Us?

Our Enfield Royal Clinic is doing best in the buttock department and we have done various treatments regarding the buttock lift. Our doctors deeply understand the sensitivity and complexity of the buttock region so they carry out the procedure carefully. All our surgeons are highly qualified and have treated a lot of patients. The satisfaction of our clients makes us proud of ourselves. When our patients walk with confidence after the treatment we feel amazed.


Book an appointment by filling our the form given below. We will provide a consultation in which the doctors of Enfield Royal Clinic will guide you about Butt Injections Abu Dhabi.

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