Botox injections Cost in Abu Dhab | 8 Cost Defining Factors

Botox injections Cost in Abu Dhabi UAE

Botox injections Cost in Abu Dhabi Al Ain Enfield Royal UAE

Botox injections Cost in Abu Dhabi UAE

You don’t need to worry about the appearance of aging signs anymore! The Enfield Royal clinic is offering the safest Botox Abu Dhabi at the most affordable Cost in Abu Dhabi UAE. Read all about the cost and the factors affecting it, in the given blog below.

About Treatment:

Botox Injections in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain treat the appearance of lines and hollow areas on the individual’s face and body. These injections contain botulinum toxin inside it that works by relaxing the muscles thereby eliminating wrinkles. It is also used for several medical purposes which are discussed below.

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  • A younger and fresh look 
  • Treats migraine 
  • Relieve muscles tension 
  • Reduces  joints pain 
  • Removes aging signs
  • helpful for overactive sweat glands
  • Treats neck spasms 
  • Corrects cross-eyes 

How Long Do the Effects Last?

The results of the botulinum toxin last for several months depending on the area being treated. In the area(s) where the muscle movement is more, the results last for a shorter period as compared to the area(s) with less movement.

Total Expense:

The average cost of the treatment ranges from AED 599 to AED 2,999. It depends on various factors that are discussed below. The doctor determines the final cost after considering all the factors affecting it.

8 Factors Defining the Cost:

The following factors affect the Botox injections Cost in Abu Dhabi UAE:

Type of Injections Used:

The type of injections and their brand affects the total cost of the treatment.  This is because the cost of different types of solutions varies due to their composition and branding.  

Size of the Treatment Area:

With an increase in the size of the treatment region, the cost of the procedure changes accordingly. This is because, in large treatment areas, more products are used.

Clinical Level:

The clinical level is defined by the techniques and technology used by the doctor to carry out the treatments and procedures. At a clinic with a higher level, the charges for the treatment are higher.

Doctor’s Expertise:

The skincare specialist’s expertise and experience determine how much he/she will charge for the treatment.

Number of Treatments:

An additional number of sessions required to achieve desired results are charged accordingly. With an increased number of sessions, the cost also increases.

Clinical Location:

The location of the clinic determines how much the doctor charges for the services they provide. The Enfield Royal Clinic is a posh area and charges accordingly for the procedures.

Desired Results:

The expected results of the treatment of the patient determine the course of action taken by the doctor. It varies from patient to patient.

Amount of Solution Used:

With an increase in the size of the treatment area, the amount of solution used also increases. With an increasing number of injections the cost of treatment increases.

Insurance Coverage:

The insurance coverage usually includes the medical treatments that are important for the patient. This botox injection is however often used for cosmetic reasons. It is thereby not covered by the insurance companies.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

The Enfield Royal Clinic offers the most affordable, effective, and safe treatments. These provide desired results that leave the patients happy and satisfied. The skincare specialists and Best Botox Doctors in Abu Dhabi are highly specialized and experienced professionals. We believe in the equality of all our patients and treating them all with dignity and respect. Their safety is our number one priority. This is why the environment of the clinic is kept clean and hygienic. If you are looking for the best option in price and quality, visit our clinic!


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