Dimple Creation Cost in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Dimple Creation Cost in Abu Dhabi


Dimple Creation Cost in Abu Dhabi

Dimples are always considered a sign of beauty and attractiveness. Not all people have these inward depressions naturally, so they try to find a way by which they can get an aesthetic smile. 

Dimple Creation in Abu Dhabi is the best way to fulfilling the desire. With the treatment, the individuals get the required smooth and young face look. The outcomes of the treatment are perfect and accurate too. There are no side effects of the procedure.                                                              

How Dimple Creation Carried Out?

To carry out the process the doctor first applies anesthesia to make the treated area numb. The process is usually completed in thirty minutes and the patient can carry out the normal daily activities after one day. The process is carried out without making incisions. The process is a fast one and does not cause any side effects. 

The doctor removes some fats from the area where the dimple formation is required. It can either be the chin area or the cheek part.                                                     

Dimple Creation Cost:

The Dimple Creation Cost in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 8000  to AED 10,000. The final cost depends on various factors which are discussed below:

  • Technique Used:

As this process can be done for the chin, cheeks, and back. So the technique differs a little bit in every case. Some parts are more sensitive so more efforts are done.

  • Level of the Clinic:

The standard of the clinic acts as a significant point in arranging the costs for treatment. The good prestige clinic will require more because the results received by them are more good.

  • Sessions Required:

Sometimes the patients required more sessions. Each session will cost separately so the overall procedure sometimes becomes costly. 

  • Experience of the Doctor:

With the expertise of the doctor, the fee for a strategy fluctuates. More proficient doctors demand more fees. You should spend on yourself to get a perfect treatment as it will help you achieve more perfect results.

  • Services at the Clinic:

The facilities that are available at the clinic do add up to the total fee for the procedure. More services make the treatment comfortable for the nominees. So the treatment cost will be accordingly.

Types of Dimple Creation:

There are many kinds of dimple creation. Sometimes people get it on their chins other times it’s on the cheek area depending on the patient’s choice.

Cheek Dimple Creation:

These are made a cm away from the mouth corner. The dimple formation can be done on both sides of the mouth. 

Chin Dimple Creation:

The depression is made on the middle part of the chin. A lot of people are attracted to this type of dimple. This type of surgery is a popular one.

Back Dimple Creation:

Through the treatment, people get a dimple or depression on the upper part of the butts. This treatment type is less common.

Come Meet Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Abu Dhabi:

Enfield Royal Clinic is the best-known clinic for popular cosmetic procedures in Abu Dhabi. Our dermatologist are well-educated and qualified. Not only their qualification but they have made an experience of several years in which they have done thousands of successful surgeries. If you have the desire to make your smile more catchy and attractive you should meet our surgeons without thinking more. 

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